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Profile of the Artist Dale Rohrer

  • I developed interests in art, rock hounding and photography in my early school years.
  • Attended Clackamas Community College taking classes in basic design, art appreciation and pottery making.
  • Attended Portland State University graduating with a degree in general science. I attended classes in photography and jewelry making along with various science courses.
  • I was a member of the Clackamas County Camera Club for many years where I increased my knowledge about both the technical and artistic side of photography.
  • I made rock tables and jewelry using semiprecious stones. One of my favorite stones is the fire opal, which I made into triplets. Some fire opal comes in thin layers surrounded by common opal. This type of opal must be separated from the common opal. You must cut and grind away the common opal to do this. One side of the opal in exposed and then glued to a black base layer to make a black opal. The top is cut and/or ground off and a quartz cap is glued to the top. The edges are then shaped to the quartz cap and you have a finished piece.
  • I have worked for many years as a Computer Programmer/Analyst for Pacific Power & Light Company.
  • I became interested in both stained and fused glass in the last few years. I have taken many classes about stained glass, glass fussing and other related subjects. The most recent of which was at the Glass Craft & Bead Expo in Las Vegas. I took two classes from Gil Reynolds one of the leading experts in the field. I exhibited two of my plates in the Gallery of Excellence at the show. I now have my own studio in Clackamas, Oregon a suburb of Portland.
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